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                世贸易组织 通报号:G/TBT/N/AUS/97
                贸易技术壁垒专委会 原文:英语

                通  报

                1. 通报分子:澳大利亚
                如可能,列出涉及的地域政府名称 ( 3.2条和7.2 条):
                2. 负责部门:澳大利亚竞争和消费者专委会(ACCC)
                3. 依据条例:[X]2.9.2 [ ]2.10.1 [ ]5.6.2 [ ]5.7.1 [ ]其他:
                4. 覆盖的豪门国际:长期直接与皮肤接触的服装、织物和皮革制品
                HS编码:42;43;58;59;60;61;62;63  ICS编码:59.;61.  
                5.   通报文件的名称:限制服装、织物和皮革制品中的危险芳香胺选择

                页数:16页        通报语言:英语
                6. 内容概述:向受影响企业和行业征召关于可能增加法规或准法规执行成本的成本信息
                7. 目标和理由:澳大利亚竞争和消费者专委会(ACCC)已在某些进口服装和纺织品的合成染料中检测到不容许浓度的危险芳香胺。虽然这些商品已列入消费品召回项目,ACCC现评估是否不同的法律铺排对于保护公众健康和安好更加合理。 专门机构(如世保健组织(WHO)国际癌症研究中心(IARC))已把某些芳香胺分门别类为已知或疑似人类致癌物质并建议不择手段减去或避免接触。 ACCC已启动关于可能监管和准监管选择的咨询顺序,以应对长期直接与皮肤接触的服装和纺织品染料引起的潜在危险。
                8. 相关文件:征召信息文件可在以次网址看到: https://consultation.accc.gov.au/product-safety/call-for-information-from-industry-additional-cost/consult_view
                9. 拟批准日子:待定
                10. 提意见截止日子:2014/07/18

                The following notification is being circulated in accordance with Article 10.6
                Notifying Member: Australia
                If applicable, name of local government involved (Article 3.2 and 7.2):   
                Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
                23 Marcus Clarke Street
                Canberra ACT 2601
                Ph. +61 02 6243
                Fax: +61 02 6243 1073
                Name and address (including telephone and fax numbers, email and website addresses, if available) of agency or authority designated to handle comments regarding the notification shall be indicated if different from above 
                Notified under Article 2.9.2 [ X ], 2.10.1 [ ], 5.6.2 [  ], 5.7.1 [  ], other: 
                Products covered (HS or CCCN where applicable, otherwise national tariff heading. ICS numbers may be provided in addition, where applicable): Clothing, textiles and leather articles in direct and prolonged contact with the skin
                Description of content: Call to industry for cost information from affected business and industry as to the likely increase in costs if regulation or quasi regulation were to proceed
                Objective and rationale, including the nature of urgent problems where applicable: The ACCC has detected unacceptable concentrations of hazardous aromatic amines from certain azo dyes, in some imported clothing and textile articles.  While these articles have been the subject of consumer product recalls, the ACCC is assessing whether different regulatory arrangements are justified to protect public health and safety.
                Expert authorities such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have classified some of these aromatic amines as known, or suspected human carcinogens and recommend that exposure should be minimised or eliminated.
                The ACCC has commenced the process of consulting on possible regulatory and quasi regulatory options to address the potential hazards associated with these dyes in clothing and textile articles that are in direct and prolonged contact with the skin.
                Relevant documents:The call for information paper can be viewed at the following link: https://consultation.accc.gov.au/product-safety/call-for-information-from-industry-additional-cost/consult_view
                Proposed date of adoption: 
                Proposed date of entry into force: 
                Final date for comments: 18 July 2014
                Text available from: National enquiry point [ ], or address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail and web-site addresses, if available of the other body:  https://consultation.accc.gov.au/product-safety/call-for-information-from-industry-additional-cost/consult_view

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